TT- Tackling the Inbox

Today I did a major spring cleaning. I managed to clean out  my inbox. It feels like a great achievement as I had many outstanding e-mails and tasks to do. I took the chance to also spruce up my e-mail accounts by  unsubscribing from feeds and newsletter subscriptions which I hardly had time to read. They were clogging up my inbox and it was taking way too much time just filtering through to get to the important mails.

It is very easy to get caught up with the e-mails that other tasks which I need to do online get sideline.  It can be also a great time waster going through the hundreds/ thousands of e-mails from my various e-mail accounts.

My aim is to get everything streamlined to maximise the time I need to spend online. This would free up my time to spend on my other interests and ventures.

Have you achieved Inbox Zero today?

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