Weekend Reflections- Spending Time


This past week I have been spending a lot of time with R.

It has been some time since we last went on a kid free holiday. It felt so carefree and relax as I need not need to lug around extra luggage and carry the boys (especially Roy) when they get tired.  Lugging a 14kg toddler is not something that I fancy as it would mean an aching back and arms. It also will relate to me being unable to do any shopping or spending time chatting with my friends in a cafe.

It is great to be able to sleep in and not be constantly interrupted during the night by Roy waking up and I having to go over to pacify him or him climbing into bed with us.

I have the opportunity to walk hand in hand with R browsing through window displays and talking about the plans that we have for ourselves as a couple and as a family.

When is the last time you spend time together without the kids?

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