Weekend Reflections- Having Fun


Giving A ride

Last weekend was great fun. The kids and I enjoyed  ourselves at West Coast Park.  We hired a four wheeler bike for Ryan to ride around. He really enjoyed  himself riding in the park.  Roy too tried to get into the action with him trying out another go-kart which was parked nearby.These rides do not come cheap at $10 per half hour. However seeing the boys happily enjoying themselves it was worth spending money on the ride.

The boys had fun playing ball with the grannies as R and I went rollerblading.

West Coast Park is a really fun place to visit if you haven’t been there before. The park has lots of playground structures  of different  difficulties set up for kids from 1-12 years old. There are many families who visit the park and learn rollerblading together. We go there with Ryan sometimes to rollerblade together.

Where are you going with your kids this weekend?

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