TT- For the love of Barney Widgets

How I got my Barney by Roy

  1. Aim for the toy department in the store.
  2. Search frantically for Barney
  3. Use a football hold on Barney after it is spotted.
  4. Cling on to Barney for dear life and reject all attempts by mummy to bribe me into giving up Barney.
  5. Refuse to put Barney down and make mummy drag me all the way from the toy department on the 5th level to the supermarket in the basement and attempt to check out Barney at the food check-out alse.
  6. Throw a tantrum when the cashier refuses to accept barney on the check out counter and start playing with the baskets at the check out alse.
    [ The cashier can’t scan the toy and mummy has to bring me back to the toy department to pay for it]
  7. Get mummy to put me on the payment counter at the toy department and repeatedly shove mummy’s credit card at the cashier after fishing it out of mummy’s handbag.
  8. Mission accomplished. 🙂 Mummy is $40 poorer. :)-

How do you get your mummy to buy the toys that you love?