Abacus for Kids

Recently a girlfriend of mine has been enquiring about Abacus class for her 4yr old. She was seeking opinions on which centre was better and whether learning the Abacus will confuse her child with learning maths when he enters primary school. To give her a more informed view about the benefits of learning the Abacus I decided on using the topic for a post.

The Abacus has been use as a mathematical tool for calculation since ancient times. The type of Abacus commonly used is the Soroban (Japanese Version) where there is 1 row of beads above the bar and 4 rows below.

To learn how to use the Abacus you can read through the instructions

Advantages of using the Abacus

  • It helps to strengthen mental calculation- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Improves memory and  thinking skills
  • Sharpens the child’s observations and analytical skills
  • Is a  tool for  left brain training
  • Is a skill you learn for live and you do not need to rely on the calculator to do simple calculations.

I have taught the Abacus to my  third year primary(elementary) students in school for three years. It was part of the maths syllabus which, sadly, has been taken out in the most recent revision of the syllabus. I experience how it did help the students calculate faster and more accuarately. Even though we only cover the basic addition and subtractions up to four digits I have seen their progress through the drill & practice sessions that we had.

Are you going to give your child a head start in Mathematics through learning the Abacus?