Fixing a puzzle

Nowadays there are many different types of puzzles available for kids. My kids have a large assortment of puzzles at home.

Last week we took out the word puzzle that has been shelved for a few months. This time around he was able to complete the puzzle independently and took half the time he did the last time to complete the 40 cards

You can see in the picture how he is being creative placing the cards in an up-down-up fashion.

By completing the puzzle cards it showed that he is able to recognize and link the word to the picture. Ryan is now able to do associations between word and picture, recognize the spelling, spell out the word and pronounce the phonetics of the word. Next on the list for him is to focus on him writing out the words spoken to him.

A link to the write up on the word cards in the video can be seen at the ELC website

I do recommend this product to parents who want to improve their child’s word recognition ability and reading skills.