Conversation during playtime

Noooooo…..don’t take my train!!” screams Ryan from the living room. “Ehh!!” goes Roy.

This is one of the typical tussle that I have to face daily when the boys play together.

” Roy… u must ask me for permission before you take my toy,” says Ryan” OK! Ask first then I will lend you my toy.” [ Mentoring to Roy on how to share and take turns]

A few seconds later he starts hollering again. ” Mummy!!! Roy took my toy WITHOUT PERMISSION AGAIN!!! I want you to come here and scold him. He is so rude. Take my toy without asking.”

I dropped my laundry and walk over to where they are and approached Roy.

” Roy, you must ask your brother for his permission before you take his train to play,” I say.

” Please give mummy the train.” I stretch out my hand for it and Roy places the train on my palm.

Handing back the train to Ryan I gestured Roy to ask him for it as his eyes were still transfixed on the train.

Roy glanced at his brother, went over tapped his shoulder, pointed at the train and said ” Ehh”.

” Ryan , Roy asked you for your permission. Pass him the toy.”

Ryan still feeling defiant and unwilling to share his train replies ” I didn’t hear Roy say can I have the train please?”

” Well.. what do you expect your brother to say? He is only ONE!!!” I reply.