How old are you ?

Often when I am out with my kids strangers who we meet love to ask my elder boy how old he is. When he as younger he would readily tell them his age and even show hand signals of 1/2 to indicate his age. He would proudly announce his age to anyone who asked.

Now ,at the ripe old age of 3,the answer varies from 4 to 21 years old. It can be sometimes awkward to hear how he respond as the answer is ever changing depending on his mood.

As a young boy he can’t wait to grow up so that he is able to do the thing that he dreams of- i.e be a pilot and fly an aeroplane. He constantly tells me that he wants to be twenty-one know so that he can fly the aeroplane to Japan so he can go to Thomas Land to ride on his favourite train. He still is deeply fascinated and captivated by the wonders of Thomas the train and friends since he was introduced to it at 2yrs old.

One of the reasons why he can’t wait to be older is that we, adults, constantly tell him he is not old enough to drive a car etc…you have to be 18yrs old first.

He notes the mandatory age he is allowed to and promptly replies back to me,” Mummy I am 18yrs old now. I can drive the car!”
**Mummy nearly faints on hearing the answer**

Well to get around the awkwards that he creates and not to hurt his self-esteem I now add to his reply when he talks to strangers, ” He is actually 3yrs old but feels XX yrs old today.” 🙂