Wordless Wednesday

Kinetic Rain Display

Kinetic Rain

A few weeks back while at the airport I saw the new Kinetic rain sculpture which was installed in terminal 1.  It is made of 1,216 raindrops which move in unison exhibiting graceful, fluid movements based on a computer generated sequenced. RaindropEach droplet is controlled by an individual motor which is housed in th

    e ceiling of the departure hall. There are 16 different shapes in a 15-min segment. Some of the shapes include an aeroplane, hot air balloon and a kite.

    another angle

    The raindrops are made of bronze and weigh 180g. It was created over a span of 20 months and looks really magnificent.

    Do they have such sculptures  at your local  airport?


My Baking Adventure- Part Four (Finale)

Last weekend I had my last bread making class.  It was quite tiring attending the class as it ran for 5-6hours straight. A lot of time was spending waiting for the bread to proof and be ready for the oven.
sourdough bread


Country Sourdough bread(Sliced)

pan de sol

Pan De Sol made by the filipino classmates. The chef showed us how to braid the bread using the sweet bread.

It wasn’t that difficult to braid and is similar to braiding hair.

bread 2

The Hazelnut Rasin Sourdough Bread

Have you been baking bread lately too?