Xtreme Adventure on a Monday

The boys and me

The boys and me

During our trip to Phuket one of the activities which we opted to do was a treetop adventure at  Phuket Xtreme Adventure. Monkey boy had tried tree climbing when we brought him to Forrest  Adventure at Bedok. However at that time Doggie boy was too young and didn’t meet the height requirement and had to sit out while his brother had his fun. This time both boys were able to have their own adventures in the trees.

Monkey boy in action

Monkey boy in action

Monkey boy and R went on the adult’s course while Doggie boy and I opted for the simpler course and stayed with the Kids Zone. Monkey boy was raring to go and R had to catch up to him. Talk about a good afternoon workout 🙂


Overcoming the obstacle course

Overcoming the obstacle course

The obstacle course was more complex and there were more stations at this Adventure park as compared to the one in Bedok. However how difficult and challenging  they were they did not pose much difficulty to Monkey boy as he managed to clear every station.

Doggie boy at the kids zone

Doggie boy at the Kid zone

The Kid Zone  was set up amongst a cluster of trees and there was a large safety  net  covering the whole area. Doggie boy and I did not need to wear a safety harness and we were given only gloves to protect our hands from bruising. He didn’t manage to complete all the obstacles but it was certainly a good experience for him. Doggie boy doesn’t really fancy these climbing activities but he did step out of his comfort zone to try them. It was a commendable effort on his part and I’m proud of him. Maybe next time he will be ready for the adult course and we can all go on the same course together.


Have you been on a tree top adventure with your kids?


This week I am sharing  a Christmas song sung in Japanese.

10 Pictures taken at the Phuket Botanic Garden

I love snapping pictures of flowers. When we were at the Phuket Botanic gardens I managed to capture some shots of these lovely blooms.

Orange flower

#1-Orange flower

Purple Orchids

#2 Purple Orchids

There were many different orchids there and I managed to capture a few  with my camera.

#3-Dark Purple Bloom

I love the color of this orchid and purple happens to be Tiger girl’s favourite color.

#4- Another Purple bloom

I love this darker shade of purple. It looks so majestic!!

Orange Red Bloom

#5-Orange Red bloom

Another beautiful color for an orchid.

#6- Red Bloom


Besides orchids there were other types of flowers too. If I am not mistaken this is a  ginger flower.

Orange Bloom

#7-Orange bloom

I like the vibrant shade of orange on this bloom. It really contrasted with it’s green stem and leaves.

Red Hibicius

#8- Red Hibiscus

A common flower in our tropics. Here it is in full bloom.

Another red bloom

#9- Another red bloom

This flower is so dainty looking and I had to really go up and close to snap a picture of it.

small purple blooms

#10- Small purple blooms

A cluster of flowers in various shades of purple.

Do you love taking photos of flowers too?

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