Writers Workshop: Getting Through Summer

Tiger girl and me

It’s July and it’s suppose to be the start of summer for most people. However staying in the tropics it is summer all year round. The only difference is whether it is hot and wet or just plain hot!! The heat can really sap ones energy and on some days I find my energy level rapidly depleting even though it is only lunch time.

I find that my blogging schedule has changed these few months.  I used to find that my afternoons are my best time for drafting post and getting my ideas down onto the blog. However all these have changed since Tiger girl been sleeping lesser in the afternoon. She doesn’t have a fixed nap time and sometimes can even go without a nap for the day. It really throws my schedule blogging schedule out of the window.

I now try to blog early in the morning before the kids wake up or after they go to bed. If there are spare minutes or seconds during the day I will try to start on a draft and hopefully it gets completed by the end of the day.

I started working on this blog post in the afternoon after lunch but now as I’m typing in this particular sentence the clock on the wall already shows 8.40pm.  I have been pulled away from my laptop countless times by the kids with their 101 requests. I had been attending to spills, setting dinner, bathing the kids, cleaning up, answering calls, supervising homework, piano practice among other things.

Thankfully at this present moment they are playing in their bedroom so I can type as fast as my fingers. Opp..”spoken” too soon as they come charging out of the room screaming at each other.  Another interruption which I have to attend to which disrupts my train of thought again!!

Back again after  having to play judge with the kids. I’ll better speed type the rest of the ideas I have on hand if I’m to complete this post before it’s time to send the kids off to sleep.

Finally this post is done.


How has your blogging schedule changed this summer?

Has it been for the better or worse for you?



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