Talking about Love on a Monday


February is the month of love. This week I will be experiencing  many different types of love through the celebration of relationships and family ties during the Lunar New Year and Valentines Day. It is also the start of lent as Ash Wednesday falls on Wednesday this week and time to go on my yearly Lentern journey.

Love is something which is really very complicated. It affects one on many different  degrees. There are many forms of love~ romantic love, brotherly love, self love and love for GOD.

This year my aim for Lent is to deepen my Spiritual love of GOD during this 40 days I will be doing more reflection on the scripture readings and learning more about his selfless love for mankind. We will start our weekly family night prayer session where we read and pray together as a family.

Though our love for GOD we will be able to gather strength that we need to see us through the obstacles that we face in life. We will also be able to understand and show our love to those that really matter to us.

What type of love are your focusing on?

These week’s music theme is on love and I’m sharing you a tune by the talent Taiwanese singer. Rachel Liang

Weekend Reflections: What Colour is Your Heart?


Red,blue, yellow , green or Orange? What colour is it?

Love is something that has to be experienced to understand.

It is not something which can be easily explained in words.

Each person may have a different perception and may or may not see your stance.

Words spoken or actions done can fill up your heart with happiness or bring you to the brink of despair.

The way your feel affects how you act/react towards others.

It affects you as a person and your outlook on life.

Emotional, emotionless or in between.

As you travel through life and go through many different experiences,

you may even go through the whole kaleidoscope of colours.

As we age and mature, we carry the scars from the battles which we have fought.

Some battles we have won while others we have lost.

Tributes and tribulations all part and parcel of life.

In the end you will know what matters the most to you.

What you treasure deep down in your heart.

What colour is your heart?


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