Food Lovers Only – A Children’s Day Treat

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Food Lovers at IMM

Food Lovers at IMM

On Children’s Day the kids and I were invited for lunch over at Food Lovers Only by AT Marketing Counsultancy. A very bubbly Abby greeted us at the restaurant and introduced us to the various dishes on the menu.

Tiger girl checking out the toys which were displayed on the shelve

Tiger girl checking out the toys which were displayed on the shelve

The toys on the shelf attracted Tiger girl when we entered the restaurant. The displays  were really kid friendly and she gravitated towards the toys and started playing while her brother choose the dishes they wanted to eat.

The kids with Abby

The kids with Abby

It was our 2nd visit to Food Lovers Only a  Halal certified medium size cafe on the 2nd floor of IMM.   There has been some additions to their K-FLO menu and the kids were looking forward to trying the dishes there.

New dishes at Food Lovers Only

New dishes at Food Lovers Only

Don’t the dishes look yummy?? Unfortunately the kids were not keen on trying them out so we  ordered something else instead.


Apple Salad

Apple  Mushroom Salad $11.90

I ordered a Apple Mushroom Salad for myself as I wanted to keep it light for my lunch.  The Mesclun, apple, mushroom, walnut, cherry tomato and balsamic dressing made it a  tantalizing dish to savor.

Milkshakes for the kids

$7 Milkshakes for the kids

 The kids have been craving for milkshakes and were delighted that they served it at Food Lovers Only. We ordered a Strawberry, Cookies & Cream  and Vanilla milkshake. Can you guess which kid had which milkshake?

French Toast which Tiger girl ordered

French Toast which Tiger girl ordered

Tiger girl didn’t want something too filling also so she decided on Flo’s French Toast ($13.50). She was attracted by the fruits on the toast as blueberries and strawberries are her favourite.

The dish was really aesthetically appealing but fell a bit short for her as she complained that it was a bit too sweet for her liking.

The Club sandwich that Doggie Boy had

FLO’s Club sandwich ($15.90) that Doggie Boy had

Brioche, turkey ham, sliced tomato, marinated pulled chicken slices, cucumber and egg mayo was what Doggie boy dug into during lunch.  He loved the blend of tastes as he munched down on the sandwich.

Beef Bulgogi Sandwich

Beef Bulgogi Sandwich $17

Monkey boy ordered for himself a bulgogi sandwich  which was made of  Panini, beef slices, sautéed onion, sliced tomato, cheese and bulgogi dressing with a side of chips and salad.

Tom Yum Pasta

Tom Yum  Prawn Pasta $18.60

Abby ordered this for herself.   Spaghetti, Prawn , Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chili, chives , cream and cheese.  It smelled really nice and she mentioned that it was very tasty too. Maybe the next time that I visit the place I may order this to try.

Tiger girl can't wait to sink her teeth into the yummy dessert

Tiger girl can’t wait to sink her teeth into the yummy dessert

A meal is never complete without dessert!!

Upon Abby’s recommendation we ordered the Sweet Divine ($15)

Freshly baked crispy waffle, pavlova, mini marshmallows, premium vanilla bean ice cream, maple sauce, chocolate sauce, horlick sauce at the side. . The dessert was served with coconut  and chocolate ice-cream. It would be great if they had a wider selection of ice-cream as Tiger girl actually wanted strawberry ice-cream on the waffle but it wasn’t available.

The kids weren’t able to finish their dessert as it was a bit too sweet for their liking.   However overall we enjoyed our meal and wouldn’t mind visiting  Food Lovers Only again for lunch.

Disclaimer:   The kids and me were invited for a food tasting session at Food Lovers. Opinions are 100% mine.

Random Shots of November 2016

Yummy Creme Brulee

Yummy Creme Brulee

November has been a whirlwind month for me. So many things have been happening one after the other leaving me and the kids rather breathless.

Year end holidays are here and the kids and I are enjoying ourselves doing  activities which we normally reserve for the holidays.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

egg benedict

egg Benedict

I’ve been trying my best to eat clean.  It hasn’t been easy and I have been having several cheat days 😛 There are so many scary products in the market made of plastic.  Even products like rice and noodles can be made of plastic and untraceable using our naked eyes.

Before I had kids I never thought much about what I am eating nor was I overly concern with it’s nutritional value. However now I am more particular about what I put into my body.  I only want the best for myself and the kids and fill our bodies with the necessary nutrition.

Tiger girl and me at the park

Tiger girl and me at the park

After having kids I started looking more seriously at my own health and fitness. I admit that I am not very discipline in  doing regular exercise and had been always looking for an exercise accountability partner.

I’m more concern about keeping healthy so that I will be able to be fully present during their growing up years. As mentioned last month  started a new series .

Finding a New Me

Finding a New Me

I will make monthly post documenting my journey to a better me. This month’s learning will be shared in the next post.

How had the month of November been for you?