Stella Strawberry-The Fruit of Love

Stella Strawberry The Fruit of Love book cover

Book Cover

Stella Strawberry: The Fruit of Love by Yira Bernard Jones is the latest Christian story book which the kids and I have reviewed.  This kids story book talks about how Stella Strawberry learned about GOD’s unconditional love for her.

Throught the pages of the first book out of a series of nine books a child learns about the definition of love. There are different explainations of love coupled with short scripture passages on the book.

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through all circumstances.

1 Corinthian13:7

This is explained to a child by stating ” His LOVE is unconditional an Oh, so very strong. He LOVES us no matter what we do,whether we are right or wrong.

The book ends with a child’s prayer to GOD to thank for his LOVE and asking for his guidance so that the child is able to show LOVE to others around him and cherish the LOVE that he receives.

My Thoughts


My kids and I absolutely loved reading the book. Infact they asked to re-read it a few times since we started reading the book. This book is an execellent read to teach about LOVE and unconditional LOVE from GOD.

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