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Bad Cartoons

A few days ago I received a note from a reviewer about his take on Babies and television.

He was talking about even his best efforts to ensure that his grandkids watched educational programs could be undermined.

This is due to the junk that they may preview while watching free to air programs or commercials.

I agree that many of the cartoons targeted at children have varying degrees of violence and destruction .

The violence “hidea behind” the ever cute and adorable main characters like in the shows Pokemon and Pucca.

The plot for the cartoon are basically the same- fight the bad guy,and look good while doing it if I may add.

The same storyline is repeated episode after episode. It is amazing how hooked a child can be on it due to the amazing graphics and high entertainment value of the program.

Unconciously they absorb the wrong theory that violence is acceptable and it is allowed to achieve ” Justice” against evildoers. Every week they fight each other to get to their desired target.

Is this what we want to teach our impressionable kids?


It is already bad enough that most programs that we see on the television have either a violent or a questionable moral status. At this age it is quite difficult for them to comprehend the difference between reality and fantasy while they themselves are trying to understand their own needs and expressing themselves.

Therefore, i try to limit my kids exposure to these bad influences. If they do happen to watch such gory programs I make it a point to stress to him that what you see on television is may not be what happens in everyday life.

I also focus on the points that

  • Yes the show (Eg: Tom & Jerry cartoon) maybe entertaining but in this family such acts of violence is not acceptable and is frown upon.Disturbing and mocking others or being physical is not being of a well-mannered likable child. In this way, hopefully, the child will understand and learn the preferred way of behaving and not just emulate whatever they see on television.
  • Bad things do happen in real life. ( Especially if they are watching about crime, disasters on the news)I use the opportunity to teach my son he may not get what he wants all the time and sometimes he too may face setbacks. Ie: Not being able to go swimming on a rainy day or falling and grazing his lips while roller blading.
    Therefore he has to learn to accept the good together with the bad and work on being a better person.