Finding a New ME- Mental Wellness

Since this series started  Nov last year I have yet to start writing a post on it even after the initial teaser post and 16th week check in post 

The past few months had been extremely busy for me and I  haven’t had the time to pen all my thoughts down.  Now that my schedule has more or less settled I can spend more time here on the blog and continue the series which I have put on hold.

Photo of Me
Photo of Me

Since last year I have been tweaking  my exercise and diet routine and experimenting on several different things to increase my energy levels.   Taking care of ones personal   mental  wellness is essential and I’m determined to take very good care of myself.

MENTAL Wellness

 is defined as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”


It is extremely important  to take care of one’s mental health in order to do well in life. You need a balance to be able to function at an optimal level.

There are many aspects in  mental wellness that one has to take note of.  The  factors that make up wellness are defined in the poster above.

  1. Emotional wellness
    the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring through acknowledging and share feelings of anger, fear, sadness or stress; hope, love, joy and happiness in a productive manner.
  2. Physical Wellness
    the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. The ability to recognize that our behaviors have a significant impact on our wellness and adopting healthful habits (routine check ups, a balanced diet, exercise, etc.) while avoiding destructive habits (tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  3. Financial Wellness
    the ability to be financially sufficient  with an understanding of spending habits, To be able to budget and plan for financial freedom.
  4. Social wellness
    the ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world through establishing and maintaining positive relationships with family, friends and co-workers.
  5. Mental wellness
    the ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives. The ability to develop congruence between values and actions and to realize a common purpose that binds creation together
  6. Environmental wellness
    the ability to recognize our own responsibility for the quality of the air, the water and the land that surrounds us and how we can make a positive impact on the quality of our environment.
  7. Intellectual wellness
    the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment through the  desire to learn new concepts, improve skills and seek challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning .
  8. Spiritual wellness
    the ability to understand GOD and his WORD. To have a purpose of live based on the values and teaching of GOD.

All these eight dimensions have  to be well integrated for one to have a balanced life. It is no mean feat for one to achieve and it does need a lot of effort for one not to neglect one dimension in favor of another.

Is it possible to simultaneous develop all these different dimensions at the same time?

This is a question which I have pondered over for quite a while.  I deliberated on how to achieve it given my current situation and understanding.  There isn’t a model answer to this question but what I do know that it is certainly doable if one takes calculated steps to attain the desired goal.

In the next few posts I will be going through all the above mentioned points in detail starting with Emotional Wellness.

What have you been doing to develop yourself?

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5 thoughts on “Finding a New ME- Mental Wellness”

  1. Honestly, it is hard to balance everything especially if your emotional and mental wellness aren’t doing okay. But overall wellness, especially for us moms, is really necessary. May mga nakadepende kasi sa atin. That’s why I love this as you’re exerting efforts talaga to balance and achieve overall wellness. In my opinion, it’s the 8th element that’s most important of all. I find myself stumbling a few times whenever I’m lacking on this one. 🙂

  2. Among the 8 wellness that was listed above, physical wellness is the one that I need to improve. I always remind myself to take care of my health but I’m really lazy to exercise. I will start one day then stop, it is really a challenge to exercise. 🙂

  3. Wow, good for you! Too often people disregard mental health because it’s not a visible type of health. However, reading all those listed above, I think I wouldn’t be able to develop all of them at the same time. I’d probably choose 2-4 to prioritize to keep me sane lol.

  4. Physical wellness is the biggest challenge for me since I stopped working out. And I just beginning to learn more on the financial aspect. I have to admit it’s not easy to balance all these. Even social wellness is a challenge since I work at home. lol. but I know this shouldn’t be an excuse.

  5. As someone with a dad who has a mental illness, I definitely know the importance of taking care of our mental health. Mental illness affect not just the person suffering with it but his or her family as well. Having gone through challenges with my dad has made me take care of my mental health more.

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