Finding A New Me- Results after 16 weeks


Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss
Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss
October 2016 was  really a month of surprises for me. Firstly let me share with you how wonderful it has been for me being on the Nutritional Cleansing Program that I started at the end of August.
I start the day feeling very energised and my fitness level has certainly improved. Exercising 3-4 times a week and improving my diet has certainly boosted my mental clarity. I find myself more productive each day as I get more things done then before.
I’m enjoying life much more as I find that even though I have more on my plate to handle this year I’m still able to find time to pursue my passions and do personal development on a daily basis.
I’m really happy that I am making progress in my weight loss goal and the stubborn body fat that I have been carrying around with me has finally started peeling off 🙂
Focusing on Fat Loss instead of Weight loss has brought about the results that I seek.
5 weeks on here are the changes that happened to me.
Weight from 70.4kg —-> 66.7kg (-3.7kg)
Body Fat – 38.4% —> 33.3% (-5.1%)
Metabolic Age – 55 —> 42 ( -13 years)
My results after 5 weeks
My results after 5 weeks
I was  11Kg from my desired weight now and have a healthy BMI. and I looked better in my clothes.


How I looked in October 2016
How I looked in October 2016
As you can see I have accumulated quite a spare Tyre from the 3 pregnancies I had.  I’m working hard to get a flatter tummy and remove all the unsightly love handles that I have. My aim is to get to looking good with a strong core and be my ideal weight of between 55-58kg.
Since October  I haven’t been that diligent on the program and have been slack since the school holidays. My weight has been stagnant
and the scales hasn’t moved due to holiday feasting that I have been indulging in.  Now that my schedule has settled down a bit as Chinese New Year is over I’m more focused on my health goals.
Doggie boy and Tiger girl and me
Doggie boy and Tiger girl and me

I make it a point to exercise with the kids on the weekend and during weekdays I go for walks too if time permits.

I have been tweaking our family diet and will share more about what we have been eating lately in the next post.

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4 thoughts on “Finding A New Me- Results after 16 weeks”

  1. This gives me the hope that I could still do something as well. I would definitely do a similar program to get rid of unwanted fats which I likewise accumulated from my four pregnancies. Thank you for the.inspiration.

  2. Good for you for having some ‘ME’ time spent into exercising. 🙂 This is also what I look forward to after I give birth this coming May 2017. I must get back to taking good care of my overall health and one way to nurture it is by exercising getting back my pre-pregnancy weight. 🙂

  3. Wow! That’s a great result! I’m sure you’ll get to your goal as long as you don’t give up! 🙂 I also workout for a flatter belly but like you, there are times that I am not persistent. I need this to continue to inspire me not to give up. 🙂

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