Keeping Healthy with Clean Air this season

Monkey boy doing his homework

Monkey boy doing his homework for the day

Being a student is hard these days. There are so many things that are taught for each subject that has to be learned. Every day the boys come back with homework that has to be completed and handed up the next day. The workload can be quite overwhelming especially if the exams are around the corner.

The pressure is on the kids to understand what is being taught before the teacher moves on to the next topic.  It can be daunting for  both my eight year old and  eleven year old at times when they are preparing for upcoming tests.

Side view of Monkey boy doing his homework

Side view of Monkey boy doing his homework

Being a concerned parent, I  try to ensure that the kids remain  well hydrated in the best of health.  I give  them the best nutrients with the freshest foods available  while keeping our  home as sterile as possible.

I don’t want them to fall sick and  miss many days of school. This would make it difficult for them to catch up with their peers at the breakneck speed that the teachers go at in school.

Combating the Haze


Traditional Methods of combating haze

Traditional Methods of combating haze

I have tried a couple different ways  to keep the kids healthy when the haze struck  Singapore 2 years back. If you remember back then the PSI level went as high as 400.   Everyone was scrambling for N95 masks and air purifiers  and they were out of stock.

We did not have the Philips Air Purifier at home  back then and I tried combating the haze with traditional methods that were shared with me.   I boiled green bean soup and Chrysanthemum tea for the kids to drink as these foods are  suppose to keep the “heatiness” away  and clear their respiratory system.

It was really tiring for me to constantly boil soups and drinks for the kids.  I had  to keep a constant eye on the fire and stock up on the ingredients needed to make the soups/drinks.  The kids didn’t really like the soups and drinks and it was really exhausting coaxing them to drink what I brewed as they didn’t fancy the taste.

I tried using essential oils in a diffuser but the area that the diffuser  was  placed was quite limited and it couldn’t cover the whole living area.  The air smelt good but then there was no indication that the air was much cleaner because of the dispersion of essential oils. The effect was also temporarily as it is not advisable to keep the diffuser on for extended periods of time.

We also kept the air conditioner switched on  all the time in the house as we had to keep the windows closed. As a result the electricity bill sky rocketed to nearly $500 a month!!

Even with all these measures in place I worry that my kids could be breathing in dangerous particles and harm their health  If only we had an air purifier I could be certain that the air we were breathing in was safe and clean.

Our trusty Philip Air Purifier

Our trusty Philips Air Purifier

Fast forward to 2015  the  haze situation in Singapore hasn’t really improved that much. The air quality in Singapore hasn’t been that good lately.   The PSI has been  between 50-100 + and  it is hovering between  Moderate and Unhealthy  range.

The unpredictable  hot weather in Singapore   has caused many people to be down with cough and cold and has taking a toll on many Singaporeans.

This time around we are equipped with  the Philips AC 4014 Air purifier  to combat the Haze at home and I have peace of mind.

We have been using this machine  for  more then a year in the home and I’ve noticed a great improvement in the health of the kids.

The kids do not fall sick that often . In fact I do not recall having to bring them to see the doctor at all  last year and this year due to minor ailments. They are able to recover by themselves after taking more fluids and getting more rest.  They even got 100% for attendance in school!!

The improved air quality at home has certainly benefited the kids.

Monkey boy suffers from sinus at time and since we started using the Air purifier I have seen a drastic decrease in nose sensitivity in the morning. He seldom wakes up  in a sneezing fit and has a runny nose these few days. This is certainly a plus for him as he is able to start of his day feeling fresh.

The Philips AC 4014 Air purifier  3 Step natural advance filtration system and high-grade HEPA filters have helped to remove up to 99.97% of airbone particles (as tiny as PM0:3-sized)  with zero ozone emission.

The Antibacterial pre-filter catches big particles like regular house dust while the Activated carbon filter removes odors and harmful gases.

I am assured that the air purifier is  working optimally to give me clean air with the  unique Air Quality Light indicator and Healthy Air Protect & Lock feature that would  prompt me when it is time to change the filter.


The three kids

The three kids

The Philips AC 4014 Air purifier is left switched on in the living room 24/7 and I haven’t seen an increase in our monthly electrical bill since I’ve started using it as it uses only minimal amount of electricity is needed for it to function.

It certainly is economical and definitely a must have gadget in our household. It would certainly have caused me less anxiety back then if I had it when the PSI levels were 400.

The Philips Air Combo (2 in 1) Photo Source: Philips

The Philips Air Combo (2 in 1) Photo Source: Philips


If you are looking for a dual purpose humidifier and purifier do check out the Philips Air Combo (2 in 1)  which can help to keep the humidity levels in your house an optimal level of  40-60% while at the same time ensuring that the air that you breathe in is clean.

If you would like to know more about the  air purifiers do visit the Philips Website for more information.

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Disclaimer: This is an Advertorial by Philips.  The opinions expressed herein are those of Dominique’s and are not indicative of the opinions of Philips .