How I spend my ME-Time

My Summer Weekend Look

My Summer Weekend Look

Spending time by myself for myself is something that I’ve been working on this year.  Focusing on me myself is one of the things that I’ve listed down in my resolutions for  2015.

This is a year for my personal growth and change. I’m focusing on myself more and learning how to beautify myself inside and out.

When I do get pockets of time for myself I indulge in the following.

Renew your Wows

Renew your Wows

1) Reading. 

I love reading and I’m sure you would know that too seeing the number of book reviews that I do here on this blog. My current reads are books on Parenting, Spirituality, Marriage  and the languages- French and Japanese.

Trying out Orange eyeshadow using the Duo Color Blusher in Guava by Mary Kay

Trying out Orange eyeshadow using the Duo Color Blusher in Guava by Mary Kay

2) Learning new makeup techniques and the latest trends.

Being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant I need to keep up to date with the latest trending makeup and dress styles so that I can advise my clients accordingly.  When one looks and feels good nothing cannot be overcome.

3) Blogging and Writing

I’m a person who enjoys penning down my thoughts in words. It makes it easier for me to process what I am focusing on and share it with everyone else.  It has been harder getting time for this activity as time is more limited these few days with increasing family and work commitments.

4) Watch Korean/Taiwanese Drama Online.

With the TV permanently fixed on Disney Channel or other kids channels I get my regular fix through watching  Korean Drama series online during my free moments. I like the fact that they can be put on pause anytime and I can continue watching where I stopped.

Anyone also indulging in these series- Orange Marmalade, Scholar Who Walks the Night,  Save the Family and When I see you Again?

What are your ME-TIME activities?

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