You and Me- What Now?


Our Love Package

The components within relationships

You  & Me

 We are so  different yet so much the same.

Relationships are complicated. It can make one confused and torn or even over the moon when one is in it.

There are so many factors involve which could either make it or break it.

The dynamics of a relationship depends on the amount of effort both persons are willing to invest in it on a long term basis.

There are non quantifiable components like love and trust and no universal benchmark which can be adhered to.

Relationships are  ever changing and one has to be discipline be able to maintain it.

Each one of us yearn for Love, a sense of belonging and being appreciated for what we are or what we have done.

A simple word of thanks or a smile can seal or break the bond between two individuals.  It is THAT fragile.

Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

Having gone through many different types of relationships from childhood, I’ve slowly learned how to define what is suitable for me and what is not.

I’ve learned not to place expectations on others but rather have expectations for myself only.  I treat is as a bonus if they do reciprocate what I have offered them.

I’ve slowly and steadily eradicated what I deem as toxic relationships and worked on building relationships which are and continue to be beneficial for me to keep.

It can be quite difficult being focus on staying positive when we live in a very negative world.  However with GOD as my pillar of strength nothing is impossible.

Having a balanced outlook and focusing on what really matters have simplified my way of life.

I’m fighting for what I believe in and will go all out for it. I believe in seizing the day and making the best of the chances that come my way.


How about you? 

What now?


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