Imagine the Life you’d love to live, then live it

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Imagine the Life You’d Love to Live, Then Live It: 52 Inspired Habits and Playful Prompts by Peg Conley is  a book which will get you up and moving if you are seeking the “push” to get you started on achieving your dreams.

If you are looking to make a change in your life what better timing then taking action now? Don’t you think so?

Conley’s book has 52  inspired habits and playful prompts which you can adopt to change  and improve your life.

The book starts of  with Peg sharing her dream of living a creative life and the doubts that she had after uprooting from Seattle to settle in San Francisco.  Her fears  about her new life and how things have come around since she took action on what she imagined.

As you progress through the book you get to experience the steps that Peg took that changed her previous lifestyle to where she is today.

With summary points at the end of each chapter it makes it easy for the readers to get the gist of  what the chapter is conveying with the key points presented in bullets.

The motivational quotes which end of the chapter also helps one focus on the message which Peg is telling and makes one more inspired to take action.

Some of my favourite  chapters of the book are

– Take a Class

– Get Lost in a Good Book

– Give Thanks

– Play with a Child

– Discipline Yourself

– Be  in Balance

In the chapter on Play with a Child, Peg reflected on how she experienced child life pleasures of play while being in the park with her 2 yr old neighbour.

Being with a young child she learned how to view her surrounding with a new perspective and it brought out her inner child.

I too have had the chance to experience this “childlike wonder” when I am  around my  4 years old. Watching her play gave me the chance to experience how it is to be child like and really enjoy  “living in the moment”.  It is really magical.

As we grow up we add a lot of inhibitions to our creativity as we get more conscious of our environment.  It is only by being able to let go will we be able to let our creative juices flow freely.

My thoughts 

I personally do have a life which I would like to live and I am actively working toward achieving it by setting and accepting new challenges.

I’m impressed how Peg was able to take action and turn her life around. She  stepped out of her comfort zone and took the risk so that she could be able to live the life that she had imagined.

Moving from a stable job and living in a city she  gave up her job and uprooted herself so that she could move to where her new husband wanted to live and become an artist.

It is possible to live the life that you dream of if you take action. Peg Conley herself took action and is now living her life as a author and a artist/ entrepreneur.  She herself is living proof that planning and executing what you have planned will yield the results that you desire.


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