You and Me – Talking about GOD

The Cross

The Cross


You and Me and GOD.

How is our relationship with this spiritual being?

Are we  having a  similar perspective about this higher power?

The topic of Spiritual and teaching the kids about GOD has been weighing heavily on my mind this year.

R and I have slightly different views about GOD.  Even though both of us are baptised Catholics and are currently sending our children for Sunday school at a Catholic church we do have our doubts and question certain practices that the church has.

There has been lots of variations in ways of worship from one denomination to another. Even with the Christian community there are numerous factions and deviations within the same community.

It is extremely hard to determine  what is actually dictated by GOD and what has been added on by man so that he can control others using religion.

I don’t want the kids to grow up not knowing GOD and how wonderful he is. I want them to be able to experience the richness of having FAITH  in him and acknowledge him personally as their LORD and savior.

What is the proper way to guide the kids and  help them to develop their spiritual side? This is the question that has been  bothering me a lot.

Roman Catholic Priest Saying Mass Picture by

Roman Catholic Priest Saying Mass Picture by

Even though we attend mass on Sunday the kids and I find it extremely difficult to concentrate during the service. I don’t feel that I really belong to that community and the reason that we still go is that everyone in the family does that.

I guess that I’m still searching for answers and I have yet to find them in this church that I’m currently in.

Following prayer rituals and procedures are  meaningless if one doesn’t see the benefit in doing it. Even though the traditions have been past down through the ages it doesn’t mean that  it is something that has to be adopted wholesale without questions.

Many things have been added and changed through the years in the Catholic faith.  Certain practices that I used to follow has been omitted and even revised.

I’m unsure about  what had brought about the revision and do question the need for such changes to occur. Even though there maybe the need for certain procedures and rituals to  be incorporate in the understanding of FAITH. Who is the one that determines what should be in or out? Is it really Gods way or Man?

I personally find that FAITH  practices should not be rigid and forcefully implemented. It should be something done out of the earnest of our hearts and willingly.

I don’t want the kids to be  Sunday Catholics or feel it is a chore to worship GOD.   I want them to be able to understand who he is and follow his word while developing their faith.

They too should question what is relevant for themselves and listen earnestly to GOD’s voice speaking instead of getting distracted by man’s selfish intentions.

An opened bible. Photo by

An opened bible. Photo by

This year I have been spending time considering the direction that I should take in introducing GOD and his WORD to the kids.  I’ve done a some soul searching and joined an online bible study group in bid to get closer to GOD.

R too has been doing his own readings and both of us came to a conclusion that we will be focusing directly on the word – The Bible as it is the purest form of instruction from GOD.

We will be selectively introducing portions of the Bible to the kids based on our personal values and believes.  We want our kids to grow up to be GOD fearing and also have a strong set of values.

How will you be teaching your

children about God?

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