Homemade Noodles

Spinach Noodles with Fish

Spinach Noodles with Fish

My kids love eating noodles. Every time we go out  they would ask to eat  udon noodles or  stir fried noodles and we have to hunt for a noodle place to have our meal.

With the rising prices of goods a plate of noodles like the one shown above can easily cost between $7 and $16 (not inclusive of taxes) when we dine out.  Multiply that by the number of people we have at home  and having a meal out can set us back by a minimum of $50-$120  each time.

Instead of eating and buying noodles from the supermarket  wouldn’t it be better to make your own noodles? Making  my own noodles would allow me to control the  amount and type of ingredients that go into the making of the noodle. I would be able to have fresh noodles for the kids and they wouldn’t be exposed (eating) too many harmful chemicals/ preservatives which would harm their health in the long run.

My noodle making machine

My noodle making machine

I came across this  noodle making machine on a website and decided to purchase it as it would allow me to make fresh noodles/pasta easily at home.  The machine cost less then SGD$100 and came up to about SGD$110 including shipping from China.

It is certainly a worthy investment as making 5 plates of noodles would only cost me the most $5-$10 which adds up to quite a bit of weekly savings.

You just need to measure the needed proportions of flour  and water, place it in the machine. The machine would automatically knead the dough and press out the noodles through your selected cutters. The process only takes 15 minutes and you have freshly made noodles to cook. I didn’t get it right on the first time as I used too much water and I got the proportions wrong. It took me three tries before I managed to make my first batch of edible noodles.

Since then I have gone on to make the following meal for the family.

Udon Soup Noodles

Udon Soup Noodles

There is a really wide range and types of noodles which can be made with the machine.  Since I got the machine last month I have made egg noodles, spinach noodles and Udon.

Fried udon noodles

Fried udon noodles if you are looking for a quick meal. 

Braised Pork Noodle Soup

Braised Pork Noodle Soup.

Next up I will be trying to make macaroni and other types of noodles for the kids.

Do you kids love noodles too?

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