Zipping Around this June Holidays

Tiger girl's favourite pink shoes

Tiger girl’s favourite pink shoes

In a few weeks time the kids will be having the month long school holidays. It would be a really busy time for the kids and me as we embark on our whirlwind adventure as we take to the skies again travelling to different countries.

Vacations are a time whereby we break away from the normal routine and try out something different. It is always a fun learning experience for the whole family.

Here is a list of 13 things which I love about being on vacation.

  1. The kids don’t have to wake up early and rush off to school.
  2. We get to visit other countries and learn more about their culture and language.
  3. We get to meet up with friends/ relatives which we may not have the chance to see during school days.
  4. Play dates and excursions for the kids.
  5. Learning occurs outdoors and the kids gets lots of opportunities to try out hands on activities.
  6. We get more time to do crafts and experiments.
  7. Lots of time to do reading and research on topics which the kids are interested in.
  8. Watch movies/ plays.
  9. Have time to just sit there and chill.
  10. Revisiting  academic topics which the boys are weak in so they get extra time learning it.
  11. Learning new dishes to cook/bake as a family.
  12. Have time to spring clean the house with the kids.
  13. Time to sit down and plan what I intend to do with the kids/ my own goals etc after having a 1/2 year review.

What do you like about vacations?

What will you be doing this Summer vacation?



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