Keeping Active with True Yoga and AIA Vitality

Signing up for a fitness class is one of the  best way to be committed to having a regular exercise schedule.  With an instructor you can be assured that you  are doing the steps correctly and am able to get the maximum benefit out of the 1 hour exercise class.

As a  Mom of three  with an extremely busy daily schedule I’ve been trying  to squeeze out some time for exercise each week. I know how important it is to get regular exercise to maintain my fitness level.

Exercise is one of the key pillars to keep healthy and one of my goals this year is to increase the amount of exercise that I am currently getting so that I will be able to get to my ideal weight faster.

Now that I’m an AIA Vitality member, I decided to  attend a  Zumba Fitness class at True Yoga.

True Yoga

True Yoga

True Yoga, one of the partners with AIA Vitality, has a wide selection of classes which you can take in bid to keep healthy.  You can choose from 35 different types of Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates and Dance classes you are certainly spoiled for choice.

Before you start any fitness class it is advisable that one goes for a fitness assessment before starting an exercise regime.

For $35 you can get a Vitality Fitness Assessment at True Fitness which will let you know more about your current fitness levels.  You can earn up to 3,000 Vitality Points for completing the assessment and if your results are in the healthy range.

You can book a class through  at True Yoga by calling their hotline, online through their website or through the newly launched True Yoga Mobile App.  It is really easy.

A few weeks back I tried out the Zumba fitness class at their Pacific Plaza branch. I booked a slot through their hotline after browsing through the available classes  for my chosen time slot online.

I arrived slightly before my class started and placed my stuff in the lockers that they provided and headed to the studio.

Following the moves shown by the dance instructor

Following the moves shown by the dance instructor

The class was conducted in Studio B. There was a small platform in the centre of the room where the  Zumba instructor stood so that everyone could get a bird’s eye view of him doing the various moves.

Another collage of me participating in the class

Another collage of me participating in the class

It was really fun participating in the medium to high impact workout and burning up to 500 calories in the process.  There were different songs that we danced to and before I knew it the class was over.

Besides having a fun  workout there are also many different benefits that one can have by working out at True Yoga with the  AIA Vitality card.

Card members get the following benefit

–  65% off a True Fitness Membership

– 50% off a True Yoga membership. This means you only pay $105 (exclusive of GST) every month!!

– 50% off  Bikram Original Hot Yoga membership

You can also earn 100 Vitality  Points  each time you work out at a True Yoga centre.

Exercise doesn’t have to be limited to the gym.   As  a AIA vitality member you can track your workout using their handy app which I have installed in my phone. (This App   is available for both Apple and android phones.)

The Vitality App on my phone

Getting adequate exercise on a daily basis does wonders in improving ones Vitality.   Exercising helps to boost your brain power making your more alert and active during the day.

With an increased metabolic rate your weight is in check   you maybe  burning up more calories then then you consume therefore reducing the chance of you putting on weight.

Another benefit of exercising is the chance of  lowering your risk of  getting osteoporosis and other illness by keeping fit.

The first screen upon opening up the app

The first screen upon opening up the app- Picture from iTunes

Walking as a form of exercise  is one of the easiest way of exercising .

If you have chosen “record a workout” a map would appear on your screen where  you could record the distance you have walked/traveled using the GPS homing device on your phone.

You can  earn up to 100 Vitality points  a day for qualifying recorded workouts depending on your age intensity and duration of your workout.

If you need  additional fitness devices as an AIA vitality member you are entitled to get up to 33% savings on gadgets from Polar, Fitbit, Fitbug and miCoach.


Screenshot from iTunes

Screenshot from iTunes

If you are not into recording distances walked or using the location device on your phone you can record your workout manually like what I have done in the screenshot below.

Tracking your workouts via the app


Each workout has the calorie burned listed with it so you know how many calories you have used up and if you are getting sufficient exercise for the day.  It is certainly a neat way of keeping track of your activities and working towards meeting your fitness goals.

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