The “All New ” Drypers Drypantz

Tiger girl holding her pack of Drypers Drypantz
Tiger girl holding her pack of Drypers Drypantz

Keeping my child comfortable and dry is what I look for when I go shopping for diapers.  It is really important to me that Tiger girl is given the best based on what we can afford.

Being a busy mom of three I look for diapers that are affordable, of good quality and am of good fit for my growing child.

Now that Tiger girl is 3.5 yrs old she doesn’t use as many diapers as before. In fact she is diaper free during the day and only wears one before sleeping at night to prevent any accidents from happening at night.

Tiger girl getting ready for her bath
Tiger girl getting ready for her bath

Every night Tiger girl  gets to choose what she would like to wear to bed. At the moment this Sophia the First pajamas set is her current favourite. Wearing this set to bed makes her feel like a princess.

Setting out her clothes ready to wear
Setting out her clothes ready to wear

As you see that her favourite night clothes is a button up suit which makes it really difficult for her to remove it and go to the toilet alone at night if needed.   She uses a diaper underneath the suit to prevent any accidents from happening if she is unable to rush to the toilet in time.

Tiger girl after her shower
Tiger girl after her shower

Tiger girl  has been wearing  Drypers Drypantz  since we have been introduced to it  last year. There has been a relaunch of the product this year with major improvements made to the product.

The new deisgn on the diaper
The new design on the diaper

The prints on the diaper are now more colorful and cheerful as compared to their previous design.  The bee and flowers are  certainly more appealing to Tiger girl as compared to the elephant in the jungle. Tiger girl love flowers and seeing them on her diaper certainly cheers her up.

The back view of the diaper
The back view of the diaper

The cutting on this newly improved diaper is bigger and more roomy compared to the old one. Even though she has put on weight and is bigger sized now the diaper doesn’t look or feel as tight when it is on.

The waist and tummy elastic feels softer and it doesn’t leave marks on her body  after wearing it overnight.  The  100% breathable cloth-like cover helps keep her skin cool and fresh while she sleeps and it doesn’t give her heat rashes as a result of wearing it.

With  4 Natural plant extracts (Vit. E, Chamomile, Olive Extract, Aloe Vera) Dryper Drypantz promotes skin health and keeps Tiger girl   comfortable while she wears it.

On nights that Tiger girl doesn’t get to the bathroom on time   Drypers Drypantz have managed to keep her dry. It doesn’t go out of shape also if the diaper is full.

Reading in bed before bedtime

Reading in bed before bedtime

It is really important for  Tiger girl to be comfortable before she is able to settle in for the night.  This will enable her to sleep more soundly and not have a fitful or restless sleep.

With the “Newly improved” diaper she is able to sleep through the night without waking up and this has certainly improved both hers and my quality of sleep at night.

How is your wind down routine for your child like?


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  1. During our son’s age of wearing diapers, we tried almost all of the brands in the market and Pampers is the only one that suits him. However, when he reached the age of 28 months (i guess) we already shifted to cloth diapers.

  2. My mama once told me that mommies today are lucky because of these disposable diapers. She used the cloth diaper with me. 😀

  3. When my son was still using disposable diapers, I used to buy generic brands for his home use because its way much cheaper. We only use branded diapers when going out. Now that we shifted to cloth diapers (CDs), I haven’t gone to the grocery for months now to buy disposable diapers, and I realized, we’ve saved so much because of CDs. 🙂

  4. I like the way they look. Thanks for the review. It offers a good idea of the quality of these pants.

    With the pink shirt your little girl reminds me a bit of Dora the Explorer in the first picture : )

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