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Keeping healthy and providing nutritious meals for the kids has been something that I’ve been focusing on this year.  As the main caregiver for the kids it is very important that they get the the proper nutrition required for their age group.

This year I’ve embarked on revamping the family diet and maintaining everyone in the pink of health.  In bid to carry out this resolution that I made ,I took part in AIA’s Bento Making Challenge in March as part of the AIA Vitality Challenge.

I wanted to prove to myself and the kids that is is possible to create a  Bento which is both tasty and visually appealing and one that meets their required daily calorie intake.

*Note that the calorie range for a moderately active  4-8 yr old  is between 1,400-1,600 as stated in  WebMD.
The kids and me on stage
The kids and me on stage

Taking note of the daily calorie intake, although important, is not the only think to take note of when planning  a child’s  daily diet. It is also important to ensure that the child gets a well balanced diet with appropriate portions of food from the various food groups.

I have been reading up a lot about different types of foods, portion sizing  and it’s effect on kids.  What a child eat will certainly affect their growth and nutrient. To ensure that they grow up healthy I have radically changed the amount of each type of food group that we eat from.

As you can see from the chart above in our family we focus on giving lots of fresh/ half-cooked vegetables to the kids with a wide array of fruits as snacks or as part of the salad which we serve.  I did not add rice, wheat /grain products in the chart as I feel that they are optional  at meal times.  For each portion of meat that we eat it is balanced out with two portions of vegetables and we only eat until we feel full and not more.

The bento I made for the AIA Bento Making Challenge

The bento I made for the AIA Bento Making Challenge

Based on our eating habits I created a bento based on what  Doggie boy would fancy eating. I bore in  mind  what he loves eating and chose the fruits and vegetables that he would like.

I packed the bento with – cheese, ham, rice, carrot, carrot, egg, beetroot, lettuce, golden kiwi, dragonfruit and strawberries.  I designed a  “Secret Garden” with the  fruits and vegetables and added a mushroom house to give it  a house with the garden look.

The side view of the bento

The side view of the bento

Even though I only got a consolation prize in the AIA Bento Challenge  it was a fun learning experience for me as  I got to experiment with  different types of food and learned more about the varieties of foods  available.


Tiger girl out supermarket shopping with me

Tiger girl out supermarket shopping with me

While preparing for the Bento Challenge Tiger girl and I popped by Cold storage to pick up the groceries that we needed.  I believe in using the freshest produce and minimal processed foods as  I do not want the kids to consume items laced with MSG, artificial colorings or additives as these would be harmful to their health and well being in the long run.

Buying blueberries at the Supermarket

Buying blueberries at the Supermarket  You can see the V on the digital price tag above.

Since joining the   AIA Vitality program I learned a lot about keeping healthy and get rewarded by doing so.

As part of the AIA Vitality Program there are  HealthyFood™ Benefit which you can activity before you start your grocery shopping.

You could

– Complete the AIA Vitality Health Review online via their website  and get 5% cashback on HealthyFood™

-Complete the  AIA Vitality Health Check  at selected Guardian Pharmacies and get up to  15% cashback on HealthyFood™

These cashbacks are in the form of Cold Storage  Vouchers which can be printed out and used during the next time you go grocery shopping.

Besides getting up to 15% cash back, you also get to accumulate  up to 400 AIA Vitality Points on your  HealthyFood purchases each month.

*10 AIA Vitality Points is given  for every $4 spent on

Another healthy  food option with the AIA Vitality tag

Another healthy food option with the AIA Vitality tag

It is possible to make healthier choice while shopping. You just have to look out for the  “V” in the  HealthyFood™ tag on the shelf price tags. There are hundred over items to choose from  at Cold Storage.

Some of the items are even  clearly labelled with the AIA vitality white tag as shown above.

Photo supplied by AIA

Photo supplied by AIA- “V” marked out on an eletronic tag

If you can’t spot the white tags you just need to look out for the “V” on the electronic tag as highlighted in the picture above.

Picture supplied by AIA The

Picture supplied by AIA The “V” tag on a non-electronic tag

Here is the “V” tag again on a normal tag for milk in the Diary section.

Just remember to present your AIA Vitality card to the cashier upon check out when you pay for your groceries!!


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