10 Things Doggie Boy learned about being in Primary 1

Doggie boy

Doggie boy

School is out for the years and the kids are now on vacations.  This year has been a growing up experience for Doggie boy as it was the first year that he was in elementary school. It has been a fun and trying year for him as he adjusted to the new surroundings and expectations.

Here is a list of 10 things which Doggie boy learned about being in Primary 1.

  1. You can sleep in…Everyday!! In fact it is okay to wake up at 9am and still be in time for school. (He is in the afternoon session by the way 🙂
  2. You get to handle $$ and decide what you want to eat during recess.
  3. There are more people to play with and things to do in school as compared to when he was in kindergarten.
  4. There are tests and exams that one has to prepare and study for.
  5. He has to be responsible for his own actions. Ie: Washing his own school shoes.
  6. It is okay not to know everything as long as you are willing to learn.
  7. Ask if you are in doubt.
  8. You get lots of holidays after each school term.
  9. It is fun especially there are lots of games/ activities to keep you occupied.
  10. He gets to go to school with his elder brother.

How was it for your kid in Primary 1 (Grade 1)

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