Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques

Book cover

Book cover

Conquer Your Stress With Mind/Body Techniques by Kathy Gruver  is a book which I recently read. Stress is something which everyone faces now and then. Sometimes we do not even know that we are been stressed out when we find that we are feeling pressurized and find it hard to breathe.

In Kathy’s book she gives one an introduction to Mind/body medicine and tells the reader about the different ways which one can help overcome and control the stress that one may be facing.

Firstly one must be able to recognize the signs of stress before taking action to reduce/eliminate it. Symptoms of stress is not only limited to physical like  headaches, dizziness or stomachache but may take on four different forms.

Types of Stress symptoms 

– Physical symptoms

– Behavioral symptoms

– Emotional symptoms

– Cognitive symptoms

There are many different techniques which one can use to deal with stress. Some techniques may work better then others and it depends on the individual who is applying the technique.

One can try mediation, prayer, massage, Reiki among others to reduce stress.

My thoughts

Many a times stress is due to negative thoughts that have accumulated in your mind.  Once you are able to gain control of the situation at hand the level of stress that you are feeling will be drastically reduced.

Affirmation do help to weed away these negative thoughts and put you in the right frame of mind. Mind over body.  Once we are able to identify our stressors and find a method to reduce our stress it is something which we will be able to overcome.

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