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The kids

The kids with Teacher J

It has been a while since Tiger girl has been in school. In fact, she is now in Nursery One after being promoted from the Playgroup class which she entered upon turning two.  Tiger girl looks  forward to going to school each morning and enjoying herself playing and learning alongside her friends in school.

Seeing her behaving this way  confirms that I had made the correct decision of sending her to school. In fact all three kids enjoy going to school as they have loving and caring teachers to nurture them.

Tiger girl is studying in the childcare which her brothers used to attend. All of them started attending childcare at two years old and have been taught  by Teacher J ( in the picture above).  She  and the other teachers in the school are among the most caring pre-school teachers who I know of.

Doggie boy at his end of year concert in 2010

Doggie boy at his end of year concert in 2010


I really admire the teachers at the kids school for their dedication and commitment towards the kids.  Back then when I was teaching in the morning session they made special arrangement for me to drop of the boys at a teacher’s house before I headed off to work as I had to be at work by 7am and no childcare was open that early.

Each morning  Teacher Nur welcomed the boys into her house and even bought snacks for them at times before taking the school bus/cab to school with them. Having the assistance of  Teacher Nur really helped me as a working mother a lot as it solved the logistic problem of getting the boys to school and to work on time each day.
Being a teacher myself I know that it is not easy  to take care of small kids. It can be really difficult to understand them especially if they are not able to  articulate well and express themselves. Besides being responsible for educating the child the teacher has to handle his physical needs too ( toilet training/diapering). It really takes a person who really loves kids to be so dedicated to their well being.


Monkey boy in Chinese costume while at pre-school

Monkey boy in Chinese costume while at pre-school

The kids really learned a lot and blossomed under the love and  care of their dedicated teachers. I am grateful that they were lucky to meet such teachers like Teacher J and Teacher Nur in their pre- school years.


Do you know of anyone who loves children and aspire to become a pre-school teacher?

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