10 Ways to improve your Productivity


Ancient Kitchen

Ancient Kitchen

Improving my productivity is one of the things that I have been focusing on. In the olden days they didn’t have all the modern gadgets and facilities which we had today. The people back then must have been really productive as they did everything by hand and without much help.

Here are some tips which you can help improve your productivity.


#1 -Focus on one task at hand. Do not multitask

It can be very tempting to do many tasks at the same time as it would seem more productivity. However if we are not able to concentrate on all tasks at hand it will end up taking us a long time then a shorter time as desired.

#2- Organize your task before your start.

It is a good thing to have all material which you may need to work on your task at your fingertips before you embark on doing it. It will certainly safe time looking for the different resources and finding yourself short of time to complete it or meet the deadline.

#3- Close all social media outlets before you start your work.

If you are like me you like to leave your facebook account or MSN account on so that you are able to chat with your friends as you work on the computer. However this can get very distracting at time and it makes it hard for you to focus.  It would be better to close all the windows and only re-open them once your task has been completed.

#4- Take breaks when you feel that you can’t concentrate

Nobody can work non stop like a robot. When you feel that your level of productivity is going down. It is time to take a break and do something  different for a while before heading back to the task at hand.

#5-Be Positive

Having the right attitude would certainly help you complete your work faster. It also helps you think out of the box as required and find solutions to any problems which you may be facing.

#6- Know your body

It is important to know how your body reacts at different times of the day. Leave the most strenuous task for the time of the day where you are most alert and feel the most energetic.

#7- Read Organize for a Fresh Start

Organize for a Fresh Start: Embrace Your Next Chapter in Life by Susan Fay West teaches one how easy to be organized in the house.

By clearing up the physical space around you it will be easier for one to de-clutter their mind also and focus on the tasks at hand.

It will certainly help to increase your productivity if you start off with a clear mind and space.


#8-  Read the book Personal Productivity Secrets by Maura Nevel Thomas

Personal Productivity Secrets

Personal Productivity Secrets

Do you know the secrets to personal productivity? Now you can learn them from this book- Personal Productivity Secrets by Maura Nevel Thomas. 

In this book she shares how it is possible for you to control your attention and focus on the task at hand. To be able to control your focus and behaviour your will be able to filter out and remove all the extra “noise” created by the environment that you are in. All the distractions that has been hampering your productivity can be removed easily if you follow her tips.

Attention management is about prioritizing what is important to you and focusing on the task at hand before moving on.


#9-  Read the book Taking Action Working Through Procrastination and Achieving  your Goals

One of the main problems that many people have in their lives is that they spend their time procrastinating and procrastinating without even lifting a finger to change the situation that they  are in . Taking Action working Through Procrastination and Achieving  Your Goals by Dr Jay Earley  teaches you how to identify your procrastination pattern and to stop it in it’s track before it engulfs you.

Through reading the book you will learn methods how to be focus and get through the problems that you are facing by tackling the challenges that you face head on. You also will learn how to remove the trigger factors that cause you to procrastinate so that you will become more productive and get the work done.



#10 Read the book- Get  The Fatigue Prescription – Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health and Life.

Fatigue Prescription

Fatigue Prescription


Many a times you wish that you have enough energy to see through the day. Now you can with the correct prescription. The fatigue Prescription  is a book that teaches you about how to  be aware of your own mental state and work on using the most of your time daily to your benefit. You can improve your productivity levels by removing all physical and mental toxins that may be in your life. It is something which you should certainly consider if you are constantly facing fatigue in your life currently.






Any more tips on how your can improve your productivity?

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