Building Biologist: Am I an Insect?

Budding biologist cover
Budding Biologist: Am I an Insect?by Kristine Duehl is the first of a series of books focusing on promoting accurate Science. In this book Kristine addresses common misconceptions which children have about insects. The realistic illustrations by Katy Castronovo  make it easier for the child to identify the different types of insects/animals that they may come across.

The book starts off asking questions about each creature that they feature by asking ” Is this an insect?” The child is left to ponder about the question before it the answer is given on the next page with a fact about the creature. (Ie: Ladybug)

As the child progresses through the book he gathers all the information about an insect and slowly gets familiar with their characteristics.

At the end of the book there is a table with  suggested activities  on learning strategy  tips which are graded.

Level 1- Focus on the animals and pictures

Level 4 – Apply the characteristics you have learned about insects to other animals that you have found

This makes it easy for the parent to tailor the reading of the book to the ability of their child and to follow up with activities after reading.

At the author’s website- Budding Biologist  there are even lesson plans in Art, Language, Maths, Science and Physical education which you can expand upon with your child.

The next book in the series would be Budding Biologist: Where do I live? and I can’t wait to read it when it is released.

My thoughts

I sat down and read this book to my two year old and have my 6 yr old read the book to me. Both of them loved the graphics and found it really enjoyable. It was also easy for my 6 yr old to  learn about the different characteristics of an insect and I’m sure now he is able to tell whether an animal is an insect or not.

You can purchase a copy ofBudding Biologist: Am I an Insect? from Amazon at $12.00


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