Top 10 Highlights of November

the kids
November is coming to an end pretty soon and December is just around the corner. This month was another fun filled month for the kids. School is now out and they have the rest of the year to play till the new school year starts in  Jan 2013.

Here is a roundup of what we had done this November

Tiger girl smiling

#1 There were lots of smiles all around.  Tiger girl loves smiling for the camera and giving her trademark pose. 🙂

Tiger girl at the track

#2- The boys had the chance to bring their car and race it around a real track.  Remote Control cars are what they are in these days and they can’t wait to have more cars to add to their collection.

Purple flowers

#3 I got the chance to take more macro shots of flowers when we brought the kids over to Labrador Park one weekend. They too had fun at the playground over there.

Monkey boy and his award

#3- The academic year has come to an end for the kids and this year Monkey boy did rather well in school. We attended his award ceremony and saw him go up to stage and receive two awards from the principal. He go an award for being the First in English and 3rd in standard.

Tiger girl bouncing

#4- Tiger girl has discovered a “new toy” and loves bouncing around. She really enjoyed herself when we went for the Angry Bird Space Preview at the Airport  a few weeks back.

the kids and me

#4- The kids and I went for  our first live show. We won tickets to the show Ashputtel – A remake of the traditional Cinderella story. You can see from their expression that sitting and watching a live show doesn’t seem that interesting to them as compared to watching a movie at the cinemas. It was certainly a new thing which  I learned in 2012.

Monkey boy cooking

#5- Monkey boy has a new toy this school holiday. I bought him his own frying pan and now he can join us and cook meals in the kitchen. We have started on teaching him how to fry eggs.  Over the weekend he also had fun cooking together with R.

the boys

#5- The boys have a new toy- a skateboard since we got one for Monkey boy for his good performance in school. They also have a few new games on the iPad to play with. Zuma’s Revenge and Veggietales: The League of Incredible Veggetables.
Primary 1 series 2012
#6 – Preparing for Primary One (The 2nd time around) is the new series on the blog which I have launched this month. It is a series talking about  my preparations with Doggie boy as he enters Primary One next year. I also had two few moms guest post with their experience with handling kids who were in Primary one and an article from a ex-school teacher.

chocolate cake

#7- I’m sure most of you do know my love for chocolate cake. We had one of the best hazelnut chocolate cakes from Coffee Club during one of the tea time outings we had with the kids.

my family

#8- This is the month for thanksgiving and my family is what I am the most thankful for. I managed to capture this shot at one of the rooftop playgrounds we visited at a shopping mall.

Tiger girl

#9- Tiger girl has really grown up a lot since she turned 2 yrs old. She is really more mature and is more articulate now. She really enjoy singing and playing with her brothers.

#10-  Doggie boy and I read a really interesting children’s book- The Day An Angel Ran into my Room about a little girl having a visit from her guardian angel before bedtime. I loved the concept of the book and it was  a really interesting read for us.

What are your highlights for November?

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