SOC: Enjoying the Roses at Everland, Korea

white roses

This week we visited Everland Theme Park in  Seoul, South Korea.   There was a rose festival on and we were glad to be able to view the hundreds of roses on display in the gardens.

Roses are on of my favourite flowers and it was really wonderful to be able to view so many in the same place. The last time I viewed roses was during our trip in Taiwan when we visited the Botanic Gardens at TaiChung in Feburary.

Pink rose

I love the bushes of  roses that were all around us and that they were all in full bloom.  I could smell the lovely scents which each rose emitted and it really beats seeing cut roses in a store.

cluster roses

It’s always great to have the time to spend some time to admire and smell the roses. To leave all the worries and  troubles behind momentarily while soaking in the moment.  To enjoy spending time with love ones and family.

Have you had the time to stop and smell the roses?