Top 10 list of Why Celebrities Like It Here

Chinese star - Gong Li © by Fispace

These few years international celebrities like Gong Li and Jet Lee have made Singapore their home. What makes our small island so attractive to these superstars?

Here are 10 reasons why they like it here.

  1. It is relatively safe here as crime rater is low. You don’t have to worry to be worried about being mugged coming home late at night.
  2. You won’t get hounded by paparazzi and people relatively leave you alone.
  3. We have a unique blend of people from different cultures and races.
  4. We have a world class education system. This is one of the reasons why Jet Lee moved here so that his kids can get an English- Chinese education.
  5. There is greenery all around as we are a garden city with lots of spaces for rest and relaxation.
  6. Our island is free from natural disasters like earthquakes,typhoons and tornadoes as we are sheltered by neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia.
  7. We are located in the tropics and you do not need to worry about stocking up on relevant clothes for the different seasons. You can wear  T-shirts , shorts and flip flops all year round.
  8. Singapore is a hub for many large companies and is a good place for networking.
  9. We are politically stable and there are no here are no coups, resistance, or even clashes.
  10. You can get access to a wide variety of food 24/7 and never need to go hungry.

Thinking of visiting Singapore soon?

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