The Veil by Cory Putman Oakes


The Veil by Cory Putman Oakes was a really refreshing read for me. There is a mixture of fantasy and reality for the lead character Addy Russel. She lives in a realm of two overlaping worlds- the world as we see it and Annorasi. After her 17th birthday the world as she knew around her changed. It felt that the veil that she had around her was lifted and she gained full access to the alternate universe that she was living in.


Her life takes a 180 degrees turn as she realizes that the cats who she lived with for the most of her life were actually men employed by her grandmother to protect her. Addy had difficulties adjusting to her new found identity and knowing that her life was being threatened by the “Others”. However with the help of her grandmothers and those sworn to protect her she is able to live a normal life in the human world.

Addy learned that the hallucinations which she thought she was having were actually real.  Through the help of Lucas Stratton her guardian she learned about her  actual parentage and how she fits into the parallel  universe. It does help that she has a crush on Lucas and that he just “happens” to be assigned to protect her. It seems a bit predicable that they both end up as a couple and are able to disclose their true feelings to each other.

I found the pace of the story moving rather slowly and the development of the plot and romance between the lead characters lack a bit of punch. I did love the way Lucas Stratton acted as the gallant knight in white armor who would risk everything to protect his beloved. The the meet up between Addy and the council was a real disappointment to read as it lacks the intensity of a proper debate between the two different factions. It was a real anti-climax and sounded more like a toddler disagreement then a life and death issue.

Overall there could be better development of the  plot and more  dwelling into the paranormal world instead of brief  views of the alternate universe through the eyes of Addy.

Disclosure:  I received a  copy of  The veil for review purpose. All opinions are 100% my own. This post has a compensation level of 1 .