Resolutions for 2012


It’s new year eve and time to set my resolutions for the next year. As I look upon last year’s resolution I realised that there had been a lot of changes from my original plan. We didn’t get around to visiting Korea and Japan but went to Malaysia and Indonesia instead. The boys weren’t taught much Japanese as I  concentrated more on English and Mandarin.

This year I’ll be setting a more detailed resolutions for both myself and the family which I will diligently worth towards completing.

For Myself:

1- Read more books and brush up on both Japanese and French.

2- Practice the piano.

3- Lose the 6kg and get back to 55kg

4. Take better care of my well-being.

5. Learn more bakes/dishes which can be suited to everyone’s palette.

6. Take more time out to spend with R and start going on date nights again.

7. Learn how to use my camera properly and earn enough for my first DSLR.

For the kids

1- Read the bible weekly/bi-weekly and carry out activities related to the bible activity book.

2- Step up on academic learning for the elder boys and do more flash cards and  hands on activities with Tiger Girl.

3- Bring the kids out to the park more often if possible and engage in more sports activities.

For the family

1- Go on a family vacation where everyone is able to enjoy themselves doing activities that they like.

2- Pray together and do more activities as a family.

What do you have planned for 2012?


Resolutions which I won’t be keeping this 2012

  1. Not get annoyed with the kids. It’s like almost impossible not to get irritated with them on the daily basis.
  2. Thinking more about others then self/family.  I’ve had it of  being “nice” and considerate and having to bend over backwards for some “people”.
  3. Staying off Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Eating less cake/ chocolate. I can’t help it that one of my resolutions is to learn how to make more pastries for the kids to eat.
  5. Sort out and clear/pack the kids toy cabinet. I try to get started with it but it never..NEVER stays neat.
  6. Keep the house spick and span.
  7. Take up a new  language course.
  8. Saying ” YES”.. my new favourite word is ” NO”..especially to whinny demanding kids.
  9. Sign up for a gym membership.. It’s so NOT for me price wise or time wise.
  10. I won’t be going to any blog conferences or meet up as they are in USA which is more then half the world away from here in Singapore.