Hello From Bali

Nusa Dua Beach © by Adhi Rachdian


Just a short note to my readers. It had been fun here in Bali with the kids. The weather here in not as hot as back in Singapore. The kids are enjoying themselves in the pool and the beach is really magnificant like the picture above. The kids did not fuss too much on the 2.5hr flight to Bali from Singapore and were helpful in carrying/pulling our luggage while we went through immigration. I’ll be posting photos of this trip next week when I get back and upload the pictures that I took.

It has been a rather relaxing holiday as we are setting our own pace and only visiting the places of interest that are suitable for the kids.  This is the last holiday for the kids and me this year. Next year we may bring them to places further away as they will be able to take a longer flight.

How has your week been?