10 ways to Back Up Your Blog

I have been thinking about how to preserve the memories which I have recorded down here in this blog. It would be tragic if all the effort chronologically recording down the kids developments/achievements, my thoughts and sharing disappears into thin air due to hacking or some electronic malfunction.

Here are 10 ways which one can back up your blog.


If you are having a self hosted wordpress blog you can do the following

1. WP Instant Backup Plugin

I am using this plugin with this blog and it gives me the option of having a database plugin, file system backup or a full system backup to my server.

2. Subscribe 2 Plugin
I started using this plugin and subscribe to my own blog after realising that not all posts that have been publish gets to my e-mail via feedburner. Even though I have subscribed to my own blog via e-mail in feedburner I only get like 1 out of 4 of the post made per week in my inbox.  After using this plugin whatever post I do I get an e-mail with a copy of the blog post immediately after I press the button ” Publish”

However if you are on blogger or wordpress.com you can still do the following

3. Export all Posts/Tables/Pictures/Pages

I do this and save the exported file on my PC as from experience it is the easiest way to reboot your blog with all the blog posts /pages and pictures intact if your blog does crash on you.

4. Dropbox

It is an online storage system which can be sync with your PC . You get 2 GB free with a basic account. If necessary you can upgrade to 50GB or 100GB account if needed. I use it to store  a copy of the the xml files and backup of my blog.

5. External Hard Disk

A copy of my blog’s database and files are stored in my 1TD together with the photos that I have taken with my camera. This is a safeguard measure in the even the hard disk on my computer crashes due to a virus attack.
6.  Blog to Book

Publish your blog as a book using Blurb or any other blog to book services. I do know of a friend who turns her blog into hardcopy annuals.

7. Blog to Photobook

If you are just keen on preserving the photos on your blog you can publish them as a photobook. I have been recently creating photobooks of the kids so that they have some hard copy memories to cherish. The photobooks also make it easier to share the milestones that the kids have achieved with friends and relatives during  parties or other festive occassions.

8. Add your blog into your Google Reader 

I do subscribe to this blog by adding it to my Google reader.  I read most of the blogs I subscribe to this way.

9. Use Full Feed instead of partial feed

I know some of you may disagree with me on this due to scraping of content by thieves and getting people to click through on your blog itself.

10 My SQL via Cpanel

If you are running a wordpress blog you can use the 1-click SQL database back up via PHP Admin  when you log into your server.



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