Aloha~ Pre- Children’s Day Outing to Botanic Gardens

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

It’s Children’s Day here in Singapore and kids in Elementary and Pre-school  get the day off to play.  The boys got an additional half day off  as  Monkey boy finished early on Thursday as it was Sports Day over at his school.  We took the chance to bring the boys down to the Botanic Gardens to let them play frisbee  and climb trees.

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

This is the gigantic tree which the boys climbed at the centre of park. I’m sure this tree is more then a 100 years old. I don’t remember climbing trees when I was a kid but it’s great that the boys are able to experience this during their childhood.


1. What is your go to comfort food or sweet? 

Chocolate, Ice-Cream or Chips.. Chocolate Ice-Cream is the top of the list.

2. What is the most romantic place you’ve ever been to?

It would have to be the Paris in France.  I’m hoping to go there again with R when the kids are much older.

3. What is your favorite thing about fall/Halloween?

Pumpkin soup. I like the creamy taste.

We don’t really celebrate Halloween here as it’s not a popular celebration here in Singapore.  However I did celebrate Halloween when I was studying in Australia during my Uni years.

4. How would you spend 24 hours alone?

The first part of the day would be catching up with the much needed SLEEP which I have been deprived for so long since the kids arrived. The other hours I will busy myself trying out bakes/cooking in the kitchen, watching DVDs or just relaxing around.

5. Does you husband bring you flowers? Are you the bring-me-flowers type of girl?

Unfortunately he doesn’t. I have to deliberately tell him before I get any. This year I only received flowers for valentines. I’m HINTING that I don’t mind receiving flowers from him for Christmas this year and it doesn’t have to be roses.


My questions this week 

  1. How do you deal with your defiant seven year old when warnings don’t work?
  2. What do you do to curb backtalking and rude answers from your kids?