Writer’s Workshop – Only For A Moment

Yeststerday I was doing some de-cluttering when I came across the Chinese New Year Dress which Tiger Girl wore earlier on in the year.

Her Chinese New Year Dress for 2011

It wasn’t so long ago that she was this tiny and couldn’t sit up straight by herself.

A snapshot of the kids during Chinese New Year in Feb 2011

Now look how she fills up her dress and she is able to sit upright without any support.

Tiger Girl in her Chinese New Year Outfit

My little girl is growing up faster than I’ve realized it.  She’s now able to move about so quickly and is grabbing my camera!!

Tiger Girl pulling onto the lens cover of my  Sony Cybershot

It’s going to get all so much more challenging photographing her.


Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It

My “Improvised” Play Table- By Doggie Boy

My mummy doesn’t like me leaving my  tracks on the floor as she complains that it makes it difficult for her to vacuum and mop the floor in my room. It’s a real hassle to have to keep them every night before I sleep.


Doggie Boy playing with Tiger Girl

I recently found a good use for the Mahjong table placed behind my bedroom door. Now I don’t need to worry about keeping the trains every night. 😛

Doggie Boy”s “New” Playtable

If you are interested to learn how to play mahjong there is a detailed hubpage with step-by-step instructions on how to play this traditional game.