Encouraging Multilingualism

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To be able to communicate efficiently in today’s world it is important for one to be able to understand a few different languages.  Just being to communicate in one or two languages would make it hard for one to be a global citizen.

Communication is the key to breaking down barriers and getting to know more about people and places around you.

The boys have been introduced to a smattering of Japanese since last year. This year I will be stepping it up a notch by creating a more comprehensive modular system of introducing Japanese into their daily lives. I am hoping to immerse them into the Japanese culture if we do have the chance to visit Japan this year.

For those who are new to Dominique’s Desk, Japanese is the 4th language which we are introducing to our kids. The boys actively speak  English, Mandarin and Cantonese (being our native dialect).

The boys love Japanese food and one of their favourite dishes is cold soba with Ikura Sushi. I intend to introduce them to other Japanese foods and culture.

Meanwhile to widen their knowledge of other cultures and languages we too will be listening to children’s songs  in French, German and other languages in the car as we commute from one place to another.

How do you integrate culture and languages into your lives?

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