Tackled- 1st Semester Kindergarten (Year 1)

A few weeks back  Hubs and I went for the boys meet the parents session. Ryan has been doing quite well in school and has been consistent with his progress. We received very positive feedback from his teachers.  He has great learning ability but has a rather short attention span.  I guess that we will need to work on getting him more focused through trying out various attention building strategies.

Here are some of the work Ryan has done in school.

Chinese Worksheets

English Worksheets

What does your child learn in Kindergarten?

5 thoughts on “Tackled- 1st Semester Kindergarten (Year 1)”

  1. My son is in French Immersion and is finishing his last week of Kindergarten. My husband is french so he helps him the most.

    Focus is tough with the boys and I think it comes with maturity…or maybe never…lol.

    I highlighted your blog on my Shout Out Sunday post by the way.

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