TT- This week’s achivement

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This week I finally managed to get a new template up for Dominique’s Desk. I had been trying to tweak the previous template that I used – Firebug. You can read about my experience in modifying that template over at After using that template for a while I stared getting bored with it and it’s limitations. The preset columns and structure made it quite difficult to add in tabbed views. Even though the Firebug template was sleek and more streamline it took a long time to load and I wanted one that looks more professional and  could incorporate all the tweaks that I wanted to do with it.

You can see the outcome here with the current template I am using. How do you find it? Any comments?

Now I only need to work on a new header for Valentines Day.:)


This week he is finally going to bed on his own and has stopped whining and crying when we drop him off at school. I feel great that he is showing more maturity and that he is getting to be more independent.

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