Conquering an Angry Child- Temper Tantrums

This is the 2nd post in the series in Conquering an Angry Child. Being the month of February(Love) I will be focusing on how we can use Love to shape the character and behaviour of our children

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Is this how your child behaves when he doesn’t get what he wants? In an flash your happy -go-lucky toddler turns into a little devil screaming and crying with arms up and throwing himself backwards and onto the ground.

This happens quite often with Roy.  He displays his disatisfaction and anger very easily.  I guess that it will take him sometime to learn how to express himself differently.

Getting worked up and insisting there and then that he complies with you will never work.  I have tried been stern at him and explaining that I disapproved of his action .  It didn’t work!!

When your kid is throwing a tantrum the only thing in his mind would be to get his end result- his wish/demand realised. Anything and everything you do wouldn’t deter him.

If you try to restrain him and prevent himself from hurting himself when he send himself free falling like a bungee jumper you are putting yourself in the losing end of a physical battle.

It is amazing how forceful these little tykes can be when they start to act up. Even though Roy currently weigh 13kg it does take my full strength to properly restrain him to prevent him from unintentionally hurting himself.

There were many occassions whereby I got physically injured when dealing with Roy’s brute force.  As he grows older and heavier putting him under such restrains is not a option. I do not want to risk suffering from a sprained wrist or bad back due to dealing with him.

Now when he acts up and wants to force himself onto the floor I  would simple pick him up and genttly lower him to the ground. Roy would be kicking and scream while lying or rolling around while I would calming stand and watch him with wet wipes on hand to wipe him down after his ” expression session”.

I find that it works better as the most it only take 5 minutes as he knows that such outburst would lead nowhere and both of us are not  physically hurt during each episode.

How do you deal with your kids outbursts?

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  1. I hope you won’t hate me ok?
    my boys had never threw a tantrum because they wanted something.
    they only threw a tantrum when they DON’T WANT SOMETHING!

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