Encouraging your reluctant preschooler

Dealing with a preschooler is never easy. Facing endless questions and sudden temper tantrums can make you suffer a meltdown. This month I will be emphasing on how I cope with my boys behaviour.


Do you get this often from your preschooler?

” Mummy, but it’s too difficult, I just can’t do it!!!”

” Why can’t you do it for me like you do EVERYTHING for Roy?”

“I’m too [insert within- tired, hungry, sleepy] to do it now.”

Like my 4yr old we too try to look for the easy way out which would be to either ignore it in
bit that  th
e task will be completed magically by itself. [ Ie: Mummy gets so frustrated from repeatedly asking and does the task for him instead.]

Sometimes it is the case of him underestimating his ability or we as adults underestimating their ability. Some of us, parents, may give the excuse that the child is too young and the task is beyond their ability.

For me, my philosophy would be to let him try it out and if it proves too difficult for him to handle, supply him with the tools needed.

Most young kids learn best hands on as they are more tactile and visual learners.  They learn through repetition and constant practice.  This is the case for both my boys.

A little prodding and lots of encouragement can make your child excel at things which he never though he was capable of.

It can be simple as:

– Segmenting the task given ( taking the task one small bit at a time)

– Giving  specific praise to the child ( not just” good boy” but ” You are making great effort in taking the laundry out from the dryer to the couch upstairs. )

– modeling the steps required to complete the task.

Your enthusiasm at working together with your child to get the task done will make him more open to giving it a go and in the same time pick up new skills or knowledge. It will also make a better learning experience for both parent and child.

In the next few posts I will be touching on how I changed my mindset towards handling my kids outburst and get him to cooperate willingly with me.